Dear colleagues,


On behalf of the Romanian Society of Physiology, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 30th National Conference of Physiology, „Physiology Integrative – from basic mechanisms to biomedical applications”, an event with international attendance to take place on September 27 – 29, 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, under the coordination of Prof. Simona Clichici.

Mirroring our efforts in recent years to integrate basic and clinical research, this event will provide the participants with the opportunity to discuss in a professional setting the important advances in the field and the contribution of Physiology to the understanding of pathological mechanisms involved in various diseases. This is particularly true as precision medicine builds on the correlation between pathogenic mechanisms and symptoms in order to define the disease endotypes and to decide on the course of personalized therapy.

The 30th National of Physiology offers a scientific program equally focused on basic and clinical research, with themes devoted to all major systems that are approached in a comprehensive manner, from physiological mechanism to the therapeutic implications

As this is an anniversary moment for Romania, we are honoured to mark the Centenary of the Great Union by remembering the important events for the Romanian Physiology education and by paying homage to the personalities who have laid the foundations of this subject and who have been our mentors.

We look forward to meeting you in Cluj-Napoca,
Prof. Dr. Carmen Panaitescu,
SRF President

Dear colleagues,


I have a great honor and pleasure to invite you to participate to The 30th National Conference of Physiology: “Integrative Physiology – From Fundamental Mechanisms to Biomedical Applications”, in Cluj-Napoca, between 27th – 29th of september 2018.
The conference will be held under auspices of the Romanian Society of Physiology and “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, The Discipline of Physiology, but also the Centenary of the Great Union.
We hope that this manifestation will be a framework for constructive debate of progress in physiology, both in research and in education, but especially a highlight on the contribution these findings have to do in progress of medicine in general.
Elucidation of some mechanisms of action, involved in the initiation and progression of current pathologies, the influence of their evolution through natural products and of synthesis, make possible the way from research to the utility and applicability of results in medical practice.
In the same time, together, professors and students, will discuss innovative approaches regarding the education in physiology and teaching techniques, in an attempt to find the best ways to train competitive generations of doctors and researchers.
Along with the colleagues from the Discipline of Physiology, we welcome you in the heart of Transylvania, in this city full of history and tradition, to share our experience, research, and achievements, but we hope to be also a reason to meet old colleagues and dear friends and establish new collaborations.

Prof. Dr. Simona Clichici
Conference President

General information

Location: Grand Hotel Napoca, Cluj-Napoca
Period: 27-29 septembrie 2018
Conference Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Simona Clichici


  • Back to Physiology: Reverting the Allergic Response
  • Advances in Oxidative stress and Antioxidants with biomedical applications
  • The inflammatory response – from molecular mechanisms to therapeutic approaches
  • New Frontiers in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
  • Advances in tissue engineering. Biomedical applications
  • Advances in Functional Foods Research
  • Biocompatible synthetic compounds with biomedical applications
  • New insights in Cardiovascular Physiology: from physiological mechanisms to clinical impact
  • Neurocognitive and behaviour functions – physiological mechanisms and pathological impact
  • Modern Approaches to Physiology Teaching and Learning


Conference President: Prof. Dr. Simona Clichici
President of honor: Prof. Dr. Adriana Mureşan

Scientific committee:

Prof. Dr. Anca Bădărău (Bucureşti)
Conf. Dr. Adrian Tudor Bălșeanu (Craiova)
Conf. Dr. Florina Bojin (Timişoara)
Prof. Dr. Anca Dana Buzoianu (Cluj-Napoca)
Conf. Univ. Dr. Cătălina-Mariana Ciornei (Bucureşti)
Conf. Dr. Petrişor Cismaş-Pruteanu (Oradea)
Prof. Dr. Simona Clichici (Cluj-Napoca)
Prof. Dr. Dan Dobreanu (Târgu-Mureş)
Prof. Dr. Adriana Filip (Cluj-Napoca)
Conf. Dr. Maria Grama (Sibiu)
Conf. Dr. Adriana Habor (Târgu-Mureş)
Prof. Dr. Ileana Ion (Constanţa)
Conf. Dr. Károly Orbán-Kis (Târgu-Mureş)
Conf. Dr. Dana Motoc (Arad)
Prof. Dr. Adriana Mureşan (Cluj-Napoca)
Conf. Dr. Simona Mureşan (Târgu-Mureş)
Prof. Dr. Remus Orăsan (Cluj-Napoca)
Prof. Dr. Carmen Panaitescu (Timişoara)
Conf. Univ. Dr. Ioana-Raluca Papacocea (Bucureşti)
Prof. Dr. Virgil Păunescu (Timişoara)
Conf. Dr. Manuela Pumnea (Sibiu)
Prof. Dr. Alina Scridon (Târgu-Mureş)
Prof. Dr. Veronica Sfredel (Craiova)
Prof.Dr. Şoimiţa Suciu (Cluj-Napoca)
Prof. Dr. Tibor Szilagyi (Târgu-Mureş)
Prof. Dr. Lăcrămioara Șerban (Iaşi)
Prof. Dr. Dragomir Șerban (Iaşi)
Conf. Dr. Carmen Tatu (Timişoara)
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Tănăsie (Timişoara)
Conf. Dr. Adelina Vlad (Bucureşti)
Conf. Dr. Dana Zaha (Oradea)
Prof. Dr. Leon Zăgrean (Bucureşti)
Conf .Dr. Ana Maria Zăgrean (Bucureşti)

International scientific committee:

János Almássy (Debrecen)
Mehmet Akif Baktir (Erciyes)
Nina Belova (Sofia)
Dragan Djuric (Belgrade)
Vladimir Jakovljevic (Kragujevac)
Rita Kiss (Debrecen)
Zvezdana Kojic (Belgrade)
Olga Pechanova (Slovakia)
Sinisa Ristic (Sarajevo)
Leila Tekaya (Tunis)

Organizing committee:

Prof. Dr. Simona Clichici
Prof. Dr. Adriana Filip
Prof. Dr. Şoimiţa Suciu
Ş.L. Dr. Ramona Simedrea
Ş. L. Dr. Irina Chiş
Ş.L. Dr. Daniela Mitrea
Ş. L. Dr. Lavinia Sabău
Ş.L. Dr. Cezar Login
Ş.L. Dr. Ioana Bâldea
Ş.L. Dr. Teodora Mocan
Ş.L. Dr. Hana Decean
Asist. Dr. Cristina Bidian
Asist. Dr. Oana Hoteiuc
Asist. Dr. Alina Toader
Asist. Dr. Alexandra Berghian-Sevastre
Asist. Dr. Cristina Olănescu
Asist. Drd. Alexandra Pop
Asist. Drd. Nadina Pop
Drd. Diana Tudor
Drd. Victoria Ruţă
Drd. Teodora Timiş
Drd. Mihai Lupu
Drd. Tudor Dimitriu


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